Youth For Christ Programs

Youth For Christ is excited to offer opportunities for local youth to build lasting, positive relationships with peers and mentors. The programs we run are meant to open hearts and minds to God’s love and allow him to work in each of our lives.
Junior Youth This activity occurs on Tuesday evening from 7:00pm until 8:30pm. The program attracts youth from grade 5 through to grade 8. The evening is action packed. Beginning with an ice-breaker activity as the youth arrive at the youth centre. Registration follows with points awarded for various team incentives. The youth are excited and competitive about adding points for their personally named groups. The youth are divided into huts which all include a mature Christian leader. The evening includes an open devotional to the entire group with specific discussion and prayer in their huts. This is followed by a high energy activity and then a snack. By then, our time is up it’s where ready to go home. Wow, that was fun, fast and inspiring.
Senior Youth This activity occurs on Friday evening from 7:00pm until 10:00pm. The Senior group is older and has a completely different vibe. It’s more relaxed and a lot less structured. The evening includes gathering before 7:00pm and using the downstairs recreation equipment such as pool and ping-pong tables or just chatting with friends. At 7:00pm we commence with a devotional talk from a leader or a testimony that is shared. The youth are encouraged to pray and discuss the devotional. This is followed by new garage doors in San Diego an activity that often includes leaving the youth centre and travelling to a gym or a leader’s home or a scavenger type of activity. The evening wraps up usually back at the youth centre for a snack and more time to chat and get to know each other. It’s a great alternative to the party and drinking lifestyle that many youths unfortunately get entangled with.

Our programs are nothing without the selfless support of our volunteers. Imagine the impact you can have by volunteering with Youth For Christ.