Community Commitment

(From By Law Number 1)

1.11 Community Commitments: The Corporation, in association with Youth for Christ, is a community of Christians who, because of our experience of God’s grace and the tenets of our faith, are committed to showing the love of Christ through helping young people in Canada attain their full life potential, demonstrating our love and care for their whole person and encouraging them to serve God as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We cannot do this if we ourselves are not following Christ. Therefore all staff members, Board members, and ministry leaders must hold and demonstrate the Christian beliefs held by the Corporation and YFC based on our common understanding of the Bible and commit to remain faithful to Christ in all our daily conduct – both inside and outside of working hours.

1.11.1 Relationship with God: We are committed to nurturing a deep personal relationship with the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit as a consistent, continuing priority.

1.11.2 Personal Wholeness: We believe in the importance of whole person wellbeing: spiritual, physical, psychological, mental and emotional. We are committed to fostering personal wellbeing that sustains ongoing effective ministry and life.

1.11.3 Godliness: We are committed to a maturing disposition, attitude and speech exemplified in our daily lifestyle that is characterized by the fruit of the Spirit and godliness, such as: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control, mercy, humility, thankfulness, purity, seeking and granting forgiveness, and truthfulness in all dealings.

1.11.4 Family: We believe and accept the Biblical instruction regarding the sacred trust of marriage and family. Therefore, we are committed to the priority of marriage, parental and immediate family relationships.

1.11.5 Respectful Treatment: We believe that every person is made in the image of God and is to be treated with respect and dignity, and we commit to loving others as God loves us.

1.11.6 Speech: We are committed to speech and action that reflect purity, helpfulness and encouragement. Recognizing that members of the Corporation and YFC participants may have varying opinions as to what language or actions are offensive, we strive to use discernment and sensitivity. We prohibit the use of God’s name in a way that dishonours His holiness.

1.11.7 Faith Community: As members of the body of Christ, we are committed to consistently participating with our physical presence and active engagement in a local Christian body of believers or church, beyond the work team of the Corporation and YFC.

1.11.8 Stewardship: As stewards of God’s creation and recipients of His material and financial blessings, we are committed to responsible stewardship and generosity.

1.11.9 Discernment: Consistent with Biblical principles and teachings, we are committed to careful discernment, integrity and godly discretion in such areas as entertainment, media, social networking, personal online accounts and electronic communications.

1.11.10 Sexual Relations: Recognizing sexuality as a gift from God, we are committed to the purity and sanctity of sexual relations within marriage which we believe to be a committed union between one man and one woman, and which is created and consecrated in a public ceremony with vows to God and each other. We believe that all sexual activity outside of such marriage is against God’s will for our lives. We also agree to abstain from impure practises such as sexually provocative dress or behaviour and/or the use of pornography in any form.

1.11.11 Unborn Life: We believe that God creates each human being in his image and that life begins at conception. Therefore, we uphold the sanctity of all life, including that of the unborn.

1.11.12 Addictions: In recognition that our bodies are God’s temple, we commit to keeping our minds and bodies free from the control or influence of substances or activities that would cause our behaviour and/or thinking to be out of personal control and would cause impaired judgement and behaviours, for example by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We also recognize certain activities could become addictive and cause questionable judgement and we do not want any such to have ungodly control over us or damage our long-term wellbeing.

1.11.13 Occultism: We believe and embrace the Biblical teaching about [1] accessing supernatural power and knowledge only through the triune God, and [2] prohibiting occultic practises such as witchcraft, astrology, and Satanism.

1.11.14 Promoting Otherwise: In keeping with our Community Commitments, we commit to not intentionally disrespect or misrepresent the beliefs and practises of those who do not agree with us. At the same time, we commit to refrain from promoting or implying acceptance of beliefs or practises incompatible with the Statement of Faith and these Community Commitments.

1.11.15 Encouraging Commitments: We are committed to encouraging, supporting and challenging one another to honour and pursue these Community Commitments.