My name is Louis St-Jean. I have had the privilege of working with youth since 2013 as a coach, music teacher, substitute teacher, youth leader and pastor. I have also had the privilege of working with young people across seas, in Haiti and in Jamaica as well as on a native reserve in northern Quebec. I have witnessed their pains, successes, dreams and have had time learning their ever-changing culture. Having been involved in the lives of many, I have seen how students are so positively impacted by compassionate leaders and a safe place to connect. 

Throughout my life, many people who I’ve been close to experienced what seemed to be helpless circumstances, either through substance abuse, suicidal feelings, broken homes, domestic abuse, homelessness and other devastating conditions. However, I have witnessed how the power of compassion, love and faith in Christ can turn many of those situations around. My passion and a heart felt burden for the hurting and lost began in high-school. I became someone who eagerly wanted to see people the way Jesus did and live my life by His example. 

I am both extremely honored and humbled to have the opportunity to be working as the program coordinator for the Cochrane-Temiskaming Youth for Christ. I look forward to so many good journeys, ultimately pointing young people to the person of Christ.